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441 North Service Road,
Burlington, Ontario
L7P 0A3

Phone: +1 905-632-4222

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    A quick look at their Staff section on their website will demonstrate how little they value their service employees. All of the managers get their fair share of praise and public recognition, however, unlike most other dealerships (not even just Mercedes) they don't have any representation for the mechanics who actually work on your cars, or the kids who get down on their hands and knees to keep them clean. We get it, the Cafe and Spa bring a homey feeling to the dealership, but why are they worth more than the others? I know of employees that worked there for several years and never had the simple satisfaction of having their picture online. But the new beautiful receptionists all get on there within a week of their hire... They don't make any mention of the guys who do a stellar job of tint and stone guarding vehicles, the same people who bend over backwards getting vehicles ready for sales deliveries, test drives and events at the last minute. Sure, the sales people do their due diligence in selling the vehicle, reception helps get the customer sorted out in the massive building, the service and parts advisors help make sure the cars can actually be fixed, and so on and so forth. I know everyone there does their job, but the people who make sure the vehicles are road ready and safe to drive barely get any recognition; let alone the apprentice technicians. It's a business, and profit is the goal, I understand that, but here profit is at the expense of genuinely good, motivated, hard-working individuals. Many have left this dealership as they were offered more money for similar positions. Mercedes is about the best or nothing, so why do they let the people who know what they're doing walk out for a dollar or two more? Why waste time training new people over and over again? It seems to me that it would be more beneficial to reward someone who already knows what they're doing, especially if they do it well and keep your customers happy and coming back. But no, they don't reward anyone, unless you're a favourite of the GM or HR manager; which again, I understand if you impress management, that's one thing, but if they just pick favourites, that's plain wrong. To work here is to be made empty promises. Their community involvement is nice, but that's the only time I've seen upper management out shaking hands and thanking anyone. They're busy, I get it, but don't act like you appreciate every single individual when you can barely remember their name, or that they left your company when you see them out in public. I guess what I'm getting at is that this company is... okay. But it can be hell to work for them. Years of experience within the company is worth less than a new hire who is new to the role here. If you're an employee here (not in a management or supervisor position) the best thing to do to further your career is quit and get a job somewhere else. I left this company with a bitter taste in my mouth, seeing multiple colleagues leave for the same reasons, as well as managements inability to actually see what areas need improvement. If there's someone running a department for the sake of keeping everything on time and organized and it ISN'T the manager, maybe you have an issue. Maybe you should look into the complaints numerous employees have made. Maybe you thank that employee for keeping that department afloat, especially when it's common knowledge the "manager" is just simply lost in his position. But hey, that's none of my business. One final disclaimer, there are a lot of great individuals that work here, and as a customer I'm sure you can be treated just fine. But as an employee, I would stay away from this dealership. Just ask any of the ~200 employees who have come and gone within the last 4 years; yes, some of it is growth, and some are students coming and leaving for school, but that is a small percentage in a large sum of people who have quit or been fired for varying reasons.
    by Anonymous User
  • Customer service and professionalism is at the center of this dealership. Anytime that I have been there, i have always been taken care of and my vehicle. I would recommend their services. You will love the atmosphere.
    by Maninder Rehal
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